The Sinclair Law Office, LLC is open and accepting new clients.  In most cases, someone will remain physically present at the office during working hours however our lobby will be closed to the public.  Tickets and documents can be left in our drop box near our office door.  We can be reached by phone at 636-528-4388 and email brian@sinclair.law. Payments can be made online at www.briansinclair.lawyer. Please call us if you wish to schedule a phone appointment.  Our office focuses on Family Law, Criminal Law, Traffic, Bankruptcy and Wills & Trusts. #Lawyer #TroyMO  Everyone please stay safe!


*Bankruptcy* cases for a fixed fee. Please call 636-528-4388 or email brian@sinclair.law #Bankruptcy #Lawyer #TroyMO


Prosecutor’s Office 🇺🇸🇺🇸

NEWS–Starting next month (February 2020), my part time contract with the Lincoln County Prosecutor’s Office will be ending. I appreciate the opportunity to have helped the Prosecutor’s Office in the short term.

The Sinclair Law Office, LLC will resume accepting criminal and traffic cases, both inside and outside Lincoln County, starting February 1.

The Sinclair Law Office, LLC is a full service law practice focusing on bankruptcy, estate planning, family law, traffic, DWI and criminal cases with a special emphasis on felony criminal cases. Please contact the Sinclair Law Office, LLC at 636-528-4388.


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