Chapter 7 $1,500 (fixed fee, filing fee included in price)

Disability: 25% of back pay or $6,000 of back pay whichever is less; client pays a $250 deposit at start of case to cover cost of medical records, costs of medical records above $250 will be paid by Lawyer but later reimbursed out of the back pay award **PLEASE NOTE AT THE MOMENT WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING DISABILITY CASES

Divorce-uncontested $1,100-$1,500 (fixed fee)
Divorce-contested $3,500-$5,000 deposit @ hourly rate
(Deposit to be supplemented when appropriate)
Simple Wills, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorneys (package price for all documents) $350 per person $500 for Husband and Wife together (fixed fee)

Traffic Tickets $100 (No Trial/Not DWI/DWR/DWS) **Price changed as of July 1, 2022
Misdemeanor/DWI $950-$1,500 deposit @ hourly rate
Felony $3,000-$5,000 deposit @ hourly rate
(Deposit to be supplemented when appropriate)

At times, I consider payment plans. I typically ask for 3/4 of the deposit or fixed fee up front with remainder paid within 30 days. Please understand if you pay a deposit, it may need to be supplemented when appropriate.

Also, I typically charge an initial consultation fee of $75. There are some exceptions, namely bankruptcy cases. If you ultimately hire my office, I will credit the $75 already paid toward your bill upon your presentment of initial consult receipt.