Wills & Trusts, POA, Heath Care Directives

The Sinclair Law Office, LLC accepts most probate matters for a fixed fee; wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and some estate planning. Please call us at 636-528-4388.

Traffic Tickets $85 🚓

The Sinclair Law Office, LLC accepts traffic tickets for $85. (Price doesn’t include DWI, DWS, DWR and some other types of offenses). Please contact us at 636-528-4388.

Happy Office Anniversary!

Today (October 18) is 7 years for the Sinclair Law Office, LLC. Thank you to everyone who has made it happen!! Angie Robinson Rae Anna Gremminger Therese Marchlewski Leena VarVera Grace Garnett Sinclair Susan Sinclair

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